Cameroon A-Level GCE 2024 Geography paper 3 past questions. You can find all Geography 3 June 2024 exam past questions from this page.

As you prepare for the upcoming GCE Advanced Level exams, past questions will be of great help as via the studying of past exam papers, you will easily get an idea f the exam setting.

Also, past questions can be used to test oneself by putting yourself in exam condition. This should help you learn how to program your time to fit real exam conditions and overcome stress during the examination.

GCE Advanced Level Geography 3 – June 2024


Answer FOUR QUESTIONS in all.

Answer question ONE and three others, choosing ONE question from SECTION B and TWO from SECTION C.

QUESTION ONE carries thirty-one marks and the rest carry twenty-three marks each.

Only the required number of questions will be marked.

In answering questions on this paper, you are encouraged to refer to your own field and practice work where relevant. Credit will be awarded for such references.

Candidates are advised NOT to attempt the questions on field investigation if such an exercise has not been carried out.

Marks will be awarded for well-annotated maps and diagrams where these are relevant.

You are reminded of the necessity for good English and orderly presentation in your answers.

Calculators are allowed.

Materials required: Topographic maps, Graph Paper and two outline maps of Cameroon.

A-Level GCE 2024 Geography paper 3 past questions



1.  Study the topographic map extract of Mabombe at 1:50.000 provided and answer the following questions.

a (i) Draw a sketch of the network of the stream that meets the RiverDibombe south of 4°40′ at spot height 111 and rank the stream using Strahler’s method. (6 marks)

  (ii) Establish a frequency table of the stream order from the sketch drawn above. (3 marks)

  (iii) Calculatethe average Bifurcation Ratio for the stream pattern and interpret your result.  (5 marks).

b. Briefly describe the distribution of vegetation on the whole map area. (4 marks)

c. Identify the patterns and describe the istribution of settlements on the whole map area. (5 marks)

d. (i) Account for the location of the plantation in the north western section of the map.  (4 marks)

   (ii) Using evidence from the map, state THREE other economic activities performed in the areaother than plantation farming.  (6 marks)



2. You have carried out and investigative fieldwork in one of the following topics

  • River characteristics
  • Weather observations
  • Vegetation characteristics
  • Functional segregation
  • Shopping harbits
  • Modern factory or cottage -local) industry.

Choose one of the topics and answer the following questions:

a) Using a sketch map, locate the area of your field investigation.  (4 marks)

b) State your objective and the hypothesis that guided your investigation of the topic.  (2 marks)

c) What tools did you use?  (3 marks)

d) Describe how your data was collected  (5 marks)

e) How was the data analysed and presented?  (6 marks)

f) What were your findings and conclusion?  (3 marks)

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