[PDF] Cameroon GCE A-Level Chemistry Paper 2 June 2019…Here we have the Cameroon GCE A-Level Chemistry Paper 2 for the year June 2019. This past question paper should help you get a glimes of the GCE Advanced Level Chemisty paper 2 setting.

Cameroon GCE A-Level Chemistry Paper 2 June 2019

The Paper 2 in Cameroon GCE Chemistry is always in structal format and student are to answer all the Six questions.

Chemistry Paper two is divided into three sections;

  • Section A: Physical and General Chemistry
  • Section B: Inorganic Chemistry
  • Section C: Organic Chemistry

This info is usually written on the exam paper front page

Three hours

Enter the information required in the boxes of the flap.
Answer ALL the SIX questions in this booklet.
The mark allocation is indicated for each question. Each question carries 20 marks.
Verily that this booklet contains six questions, no questions are repeated and there are no blank pages.
Inform the invigilator in case this booklet contains less than six questions, questions are repeated or there are
blank pages so that the booklet should be changed.
Blank spaces in this question booklet may be used for rough work.
In calculations you are advised to show all the steps in your working, giving your answer at each stage.
All necessary working must be shown. No marks will be awarded for answers without brief statements showing how
the answers have been obtained.
Calculators may be used.

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