Answer all the questions

Section A: Grammar (10 marks)

I. Complete this dialogue between two students with suitable expressions of your own.

Student A : Did you take part in any activity marking the end of the Bilingualism Week?
Student B : Yes . . . . . . . . . What about you? Which activities did you take part in?
Student A : Oh! I’m sorry. I didn’t take part in any because I can’t speak English very well.
Student B : You must . . . . . . . . . . . Besides, Cameroon is bilingual. So which activities were carried out and which did you enjoy most?
Student A : . . . . . . . . . . Bu? What I enjoyed the most was the colorful dress code of the students who acted tire drama representing the ten Regions of Cameroon thus illustrating the theme of the year.
Student B : Similar activities were also carried out in my school.
Student A : What was the . . . . . . . . . in your school?
Student B : In my school, there was a sketch on cultural integration and another captivating one which was based on the protection of the environment. We were also educated on how to plant trees.
Student A : Thank you. l will also do everything to protect my environment by planting trees. . . .. . . . .
Student B : Good bye friend.

II. Choose the appropriate expression from those in the brackets to complete the sentences below. ( 5 marks)

1- A health centre. . . . . . . .in Yaounde for patients suffering from mental health problems. (is build, has been built, have been built)
2- Many psychiatric doctors take care of the patients. It is advisable that the medical personnel who work there should treat . .. . . . . . . . patients with care. (them, they, their)
3- Anyone who is caught maltreating. .. . . .. . .. .patient should be punished. (an, a, at)
4- In Douala, Mercy Ship has helped . .. . . . . . . Cameroonians to regain their health. (many, much, more than)
5- Children .. . . . . . .. . . .by mentally sick patients have a right to quality education. (bring up, have brought up, brought up)


I. Fill in the gaps with appropriate words chosen from those in the box so that the complete passage makes sense. There are more words than you will need. (5 marks)

fabric, shoes, customers, children, tailor, clothes, shoes

Georgette is a seamstress in Melen in Yaoundé. She sews dresses for . . . . . . . .according to their measurements. She designs and transforms the . . . . . . . . . to suit the taste of her customers. Her husband is a .. .. . .. .. . . . so when she has many . . . . . . . . .to sew, she takes some home for him to help her. At times, she also asks her . .. . . . . . . . to help her in folding the finished dresses.

II. Complete these sentences with the appropriate expressions chosen from the brackets. (5 marks)

1- Have you sent the . . . . . . .to Larry? (messenger, message, Whatsap)
2- No. I haven’t finished my homework yet. Besides my homework, l must water the . . . . . .. . .in the garden before my mother comes back at 5:30 P.M. (vegetables, virgin, vegetarian)
3- My mother eats a lot of vegetables and . . . . . . . . . So if I don’t water them, she will beat me. (fruit as, grass, fruit)
4- Is it important to eat them because they contain vitamins and . . . . . . . . .(power, proteins, protection)
5- True, I also like to eat them and my sister always buys them from the . . . . . . . . .near our house. (market, mark, fruit)

Section C: Comprehension (10 marks)

Read the passage below and answer the questions which follow it. Use your own words as far as possible.

The wicked step-mother
There was once a man who got married to two wives. The first was called Nancy and the second was called Carine. The man died and the first wife also died leaving behind her daughter called Christelle and the second wife’s child was called Eliza. One day during the rainy season, Carine sent Christelle to go out and look for mangoes. She went out with her light night wear and a basket. In the basket there was a loaf of bread.
On her way she saw some men splitting firewood. She greeted them and asked where she could see mangoes. Then the men told her that they were hungry. She gave them the loaf of bread then they told her to take a broom and sweep. She took it and swept the place. She harvested the mangoes and thanked the men. They gave her a gift which was that whenever she talks, gold would fall from her mouth. She went home and talked and gold fell from her mouth. Her step-mother was jealous and decided to send her own child to go and harvest some mangoes too. She gave her enough food.
On her way, she saw the three men splitting firewood. She did not even care to greet them. She asked where she could find mangoes. They gave her a broom to sweep and she refused. So one of the men took the broom and swept and told her to harvest the mangoes. On her way back home, the men cursed her that whenever she speaks, frogs will jump out of her mouth.
When she reached home, she wanted to greet her mother and a frog came out from her mouth. On a cold afternoon a prince came to ask for Christelle’s hand in marriage. She informed her step-mother. Carine, being a very wicked step-mother did not like the idea and sent away Christelle from the house without giving her anything to live on. So Christelle and the Prince built their mansion with the gold that came out from her mouth and they lived happily.

The Augustinian 2012 Edition. P 29


1- Why did Christelle go out and what did she take along? (2 marks)
2- According to the text, list two things that Christelle did to prove her obedience and kindness. (2 marks)
3- What did the men give her to compensate her for being obedient? (1 mark)
4- With evidence from the text, write two things that Eliza did which the men did not like? (2 marks)
Tick () the correct answer from the different alternatives provided.
5- Christelle and her husband built their mansion from . (1 mark)
i. the gold that came from Carine’s mouth
ii. the gold that came from the prince’s mouth
iii. the gold that came from Christelle’s mouth
6- Do you think it is necessary to be obedient and generous? Justify your answer. (2 marks)

Section D: Essay (10 marks)

Choose ONE topic from those below and write an essay of between 150-180 words.

1- You have just obtained your BEPC examination and your parents who live in the village have chosen a wife/husband for you to get married to but you don’t want him/her. Write a letter to them informing them why you think the marriage will not take place. You are Ngah Sylvie of P S S Kumba and your Post Office Box number is 45. In this letter you should write about:
• Your age,
• Your future,
• Your choice of a wife/husband.
2- The National Week of Bilingualism was celebrated in your school and many activities were carried out. Say how it was done. In your essay you may:
• Say what bilingualism is,
• when is it celebrated in Cameroon,
• Activities that were carried out,
• Who the participants are,
• The importance of Bilingualism to an individual, to Cameroon and to the whole world.
3- You are a member of the Health Club in your Sd100| and you discover that your classmate is suffering from HIV/AIDS. He no longer comes to school because he .s very sick and his family members and school mates have rejected him. Write a speech to be presented during the Youth Week celebration encouraging your mates to accept people living with the illness. In your speech, you should.
• Say what HIV/AIDS is;
• Give the different means of transmission, its symptoms and how it can be prevented;
• Talk about tolerance and acceptance in school;
• Suggest some of the things people living with the illness can do to avoid being stigmatized. Your name is Osong Alto. Your school is GBHS Nkura and your Post office Box number is 215.

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