GCE Advanced Level RBHS Biology MOCK 2023

GCE Advanced Level RBHS Biology MOCK 2023. We are sharing this Mock paper for Biology Advanced level per the request of some visitors. We will endeavour to add more Mock past questions for different subject.

This Mock paper is not the West regional mock though but should come in handy. This is the mock question from the Bingual Education Development Association (BEDA) Dschang Cameroon.

Biology paper 2 Mock 2023 by BEDA Dschang:

1. (a) Give an illustrated account of the life cycle of a named Filicinophyta.

    (b) Outline the role of dry and wet conditions in the life cycle above.

    (c) Why do you consider the Filicinophyta as an intermediary type of plants?

(9, 7, 4 Marks)

2. (a) What properties of enzymes enable them to function as catalysts?

   (b) With the aid of simple illustrations demonstrate how substances may inhibit enzyme action

   (c) Analyse the different types of enzyme cofactors

(5, 10; 5 Marks)

3. (a) Describe the structure of a DNA Molecule.

   (b) How is a DNA structure different from RNA?

   (c) Using illustrations describe the main events that occur during DNA replication

(7, 5, 8 Marks)

4. (a) Stae the different types of respiratory surfaces in animals

   (b) With the aid of diagrams describe how the lungs function in ventilation

   (c) How is this ventilation controlled?

(5, 9, 6 Marks)

5. (a) What do you understand by:

  • (i) Colour-blindness
  • (ii) Acuity

   (b) Outline the difference between rods and cones

   (c) Hypermetropia (long sightedness) and myopia (short sightedness) are two common defects of the eye. What do you understand by long and short sightedness? How can these defects be corrected?

(6, 10, 4 Marks)

6. (a) What are the basic laws of Genetics?

   (b) Describe any one genetic mechanism that do not respect these laws

   (c)  In man, the gene for haemophilia (h) is sex-linked and recessive to the gene for normal blood clotting (H). Uisng appropriate notations make crosses with the following phenotypic pairs indicating the expected phenotypic and genotypic ratios resulting from the crosses:

  • (i) Haemophiliac women woman with normal man
  • (ii) Normal woman (Heteroeygous) with haemophiliac man

(6, 4, 10 Marks)

7. (a) Stae the law of competitive exclusion principle by Gause

   (b) In a tabular form differentiate  between the following pairs of words:

  • (i) Fundamental and realised niche
  • (ii) pioneer community and climax community
  • (iii) Biological and chemical control of pest
  • (iv) Predator and parasite
  • (v) Rare and vulnerable or threatened species
  • (vi) Detritivores and Decomposers

   (c) Stae 5 reasons why organisms become endangered

(3, 12, 5 Marks)

8. (a) What are microorganisms?

   (b) Stae and explain FOUR environmental conditions that affect the growth of microorganisms

   (c)  (i) Distinguish between  batch and continuous fermenters

         (ii) What do you understand by donwstream processing?

(1, 13, 6 Marks)

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