JAMB Question 2024 From Today’S JAMB Examination 19TH JUNE 2024. We just want to share with your some of the JAMB Question 2024 to help you in area of concentration and likely questions set by JAMB in All subject.

The Questions were compiled by those that wrote that have written their JAMB examination. are you a JAMB candidate writing the 2024 UTME examination? if yes, this page is for you.

Make sure you visit this page every day to be updated on the questions shared as this will aid you in passing the examination.


QUESTIONSJAMB English Questions1. We were given a comprehension about group studying2. We were given a register about arms and tiers of government3 For life changer, the questions were drawn from When Ummi went to the HOD’s office Dr. Samuel Johnson-After Ummi used the HOD’S toilet, she felt….When the HOD told Ummi your welcome my dear, Ummi felt…(I can’t remember the exact way the question was asked)Words:We were asked nearest and opposite in meaningWe were also asked words that rhyme with each other

JAMB Biology Questions

1. Mycorrhizae is an association in…2. Which part labelled part stores man-fluidatozoa until they are matured and motile3.In which state is Kainji National Park located4.We were given a diagram of the digestive system. Which of the following parts emulsifys fats5. The soldier termite is different from the worker termite due to the possession of….6. Dispersion in termite colony is carried out by…..7. Plasmolysis in plant occurs due to ….8. Alkaloids which is an excretory product of plant is used for making…..


1.If 93cm3 of SO2 diffuses in 16s. How long will it take the same volume of H2S to diffuse2. Silicon is used to remove…. from roasted copper ore3.Questions on organic chemistry were also asked. which of the following can be used to differentiate the two compounds above.4.Name the hydrocarbon above5. The phenomenon which makes makes Na to have an atomic mass of… and Mg to have an atomic mass of ….. is …6The energy needed to be overcome for reaction to take place is ….

JAMB Physics Questions

1Calculation on Pressure2. Question on effective capacitance.3. Question on Gravitational intensity. We told to find the mass and we were given the Gravitational intensity and radius4 Questions on Power came out.5. The type of friction in fluids is called..6. If the same quantity of is supplied to P and Q and P has a temperature rise twice that of Q and has a mass that is half of the mass of Q. Find the ratio of the specific heat capacity of P to Q.

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